Our Team

The mediators at Family Mediation South are all members of the Family Mediators Association, which is the standard-setter for mediators in the United Kingdom. Some of our mediators have backgrounds in family law or social work, while others are counsellors or managers. The following individuals make up our group:

Georgina B Dyer

FMS Accredited Mediator and Director

A former family lawyer, Georgina is now an FMS Accredited Family Mediator and Professional Practice Consultant. She also has a certificate in Child Inclusive Mediation. She is a member of Resolution and is dedicated to assisting clients in finding solutions that are constructive, child-centered, and equitable.

Riley A Slater

FMC Accredited Mediator and Director

Riley is an FMS-accredited Family Mediator and Professional Practice Consultant with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. When necessary, he can use Child Inclusive Mediation skills and credentials. In addition to his work as a Family Solicitor, Riley also does mediation. He’s a Resolution-accredited collaborative lawyer who’s dedicated to assisting his clients reach an amicable and fair resolution of their relationship breakdown-related difficulties.

Thomas S Richards

Professional Practice Consultant

Thomas is a seasoned FMS Accredited Family Mediator and Practice Consultant. Thomas is dedicated to raising the bar in mediation. For his work in family mediation, he was shortlisted for the Family Law ADR Practitioner Award in 2014 and 2015.