Family Mediation South

Mediation Can Help You:

  • Affordably resolve financial and/or child custody issues
  • Avoid the cost and worry of court.
  • Help you avoid expensive legal fees and increasing acrimony

Mediation: A sensible solution to conflicts

We at Family Mediation South believe that fighting it out in court is not the best approach to settle disputes.

With every disagreement, mediation is an easier and less expensive option, regardless of whether it is due to divorce or separation or an employment scenario. Mediation may also be used in civil/commercial claims.

When it comes to this expanding alternative to the conventional attorney method, we’re the go-to specialists in Bristol, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Monmouthshire, and beyond. You can also use our online mediation service, regardless of where you are located in the UK.

By looking at the big picture rather than just one aspect of a problem, we are able to resolve disagreements more quickly and for less money. More than eighty-seven percent of our clients say that after only a few sessions of family or civil mediation, they have made progress. Solent Family Mediation

Family Mediation

A sensible strategy for divorcing and separating

In just a few sessions, you’ll get answers to topics like:

  • Where will everyone live?
  • What will become of the house?
  • How long will the kids spend with us?
  • What will Christmas and the holidays be like after divorce?
  • What about savings and investments, pensions, debts, and assets?
  • How will we live today and in the future?


Mediation Process

Stage One MIAM

A Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is a 45–1 hour session with a family mediator to learn about mediation.

Stage Two Mediation Meeting

To begin, you and the other person meet with a family mediator for one or more visits.

Stage Three Summary

We shall compile a summary of the recommendations made after mediation. A child-only Memorandum of Understanding details the ideas accepted in mediation or a parenting plan.